Recordit API

What is it?

Use Recordit to record a video and send it to your app!

It's a way for other applications to take over Recordit by passing configuration values. Let recordit take care of screen recording so you can take care of the other bits of your experience.

{scheme} {clientID}                               {authenticityToken}                      {queryString}
It's mostly query string

What can you control?

Almost every aspect of the recording is customizable, but don't take our word for it; these are the accepted fields:

The flow

Not entirely unlike dancing

Once a person clicks on the url and does their thing with recordit, you'll get hit with everything you need: the recording data, and links to the video, gif, and raw frames! All you have to do is generate a url in our format, and you don't even need to worry about if your codebase is in javascript, ruby, or python.

Example Use-case

You can check it out here

The app we used it for was Placeit Video, which is Placeit's latest option in its growing library of product shots: choose a stage, grab the screen with recordit and you have an amazing video of your application in action!

You click record from the Placeit web app → Recordit responds with a selection dialog → user clicks and starts recording → the recording is sent to Placeit for processing!

Want Access?

For this version we are not offering public registration to the URL API, but if you're as excited as us and interested in integrating screen recording into your application just email us.

We're very excited to discover what Recordit can help you achieve that goes beyond the amazing ways people use recordit today.